Pedal Climbs: 01/27/02 Modified: 04/14/02

By Mike King

Pedal Climbs took me a long time to learn mainly because I was trying them the wrong way for a long time. I am still practising them now to improve my consistency but I am getting more comfortable with them. I learned to crank climb and have been doing that for some time, however, I always crank climb onto things while sitting on the seat instead of holding the seat out in front. I am able to get onto things as high as 3 feet doing crank climbs. I can already do that doing pedal climbs and I hope the extra height of my 7 inch crank will let me soon get up on stuff 7 inches higher.

April 14: Added some photos and descriptions of actions for climbing (crank or pedal) with seat out in front...

1. Here you want to approach the obstacle from the side with the seat out in front and in a stable hopping position.

2. Make your jump from about a foot beside the obstacle and thrust your body sideways toward it so that your momentum will help position your body above the obstacle without falling back down. Land on either the pedal and the crank or just the pedal and at the same time lower your upper body to help pull the unicycle higher and also remove your outside foot from the pedal and swing it backwards for balance so that you land solidly and end up in position 3.

3. Once you've landed, you can hold this position to regain your balance and get ready to hop up to rubber

4. Next unique to lean the unicycle in toward the obstacle by pulling in on the seat and at the same time bringing your outer leg back in above the pedal.

5. Then you push up with your inside leg only which will also rotate the wheel partly around and at this point you also get your outside foot back on the pedal.

6. Once airborne, you should have both feet on the pedals so that you can make a stable landing.

7. Then make several hops if necessary to regain your balance on top of the obstacle.

8. Then simply ride away!

There is a video to fully demonstrate this technique in the video section now as well. The link for it is SeatOutCrankClimbs.mpg

A couple of examples of some small crank hangs.

So here is my advice to learn pedal climbs (more or less in order):

Anyway, I hope I was some help, I'll try to get some pictures of some pedal climbs when I get a chance and good luck with them...