Unipsycho Extreme

  • An awesome one hour video packed with intense offroad mountain unicycling action. Featuring a huge variety of mountain unicycle (muni) riding from scenic trails to brutal downhills and the wild North Shore!
  • Enjoy the great soundtrack while watching Canadian riders take on steep downhills, extreme offroad and trials all on one wheel. Primarily filmed in Calgary, Alberta and the nearby Rocky Mountains. The video features Mike King and other riders from the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos, as well as a short appearance with Kris Holm on a North Shore ride!
  • Learn from demonstrated tips and techniques and see first hand how you can improve your riding ability to help you enjoy offroad unicycling even more...

Price: $25 Can (~$21 US) + GST(only in Canada) + shipping



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Unipsycho Extreme DVD - $25.00 CAD

DVD versions do have extras but are not printed labels on the DVD itself, they are burnt as needed, however they are much higher quality than the original VHS format since all footage was recorded using digital cameras.

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Media Player Downloads
Low Quality Clip - 23 Mb MPEG UnipsychoExtreme-Sample.mpg
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High Quality Clip - 19 Mb DivX UnipsychoExtreme-Sample-DivX.avi
Trials sample
There are a number of pictures from the video
on the pictures page of the Calgary Mountain
Unipsychos or at the link to the right.

Video details...

Video Title: Unipsycho Extreme
Producer: Mike King (Ethereal 3D)
Length: approx. 70 minutes
Filming Locations: Calgary, AB, Canada
Rocky Mountains
Vancouver's North Shore
Video Content: Offroad Trail Riding
Extreme MUNI
North Shore
Ride Tips
3D Animation Show Reel by Ethereal 3D(6 min)
Music Artists: Stikmen
Danny Cowan Group
DJ Yan
DJ Mozy
DJ Super Zero
Lollipop Lust Kill
Price of Dope
Furious Slugs
Caged Heat
Catch 23
Tony Savarino
Additional Contact Info: Ethereal 3D - www.ethereal3d.com
Calgary Mountain Unipsychos - www.ethereal3d.com/uni