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Site Development and 3D Graphics

Thanks to Ethereal 3D for hosting, providing all the graphics and design work both for the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos web site and for the Unipsycho Extreme video production. Check out more Ethereal 3D's graphics and 3d services here. Ethereal 3D is operated by Mike King (as well as this club site) so feel free to visit his blog site here.


Online Unicycle Stores

Bedford Unicycles - Bedford is a great online store for all things unicycle here in Canada. We have many members who have purchased things from Darren Bedford, he provides great service, equipment and is in Toronto, Canada! - is a massive online unicycle site that has everything you can imagine for unicycling. Just be careful of exchange and duty/taxes when ordering. Also highly recommended by many of our members as they have some excellent products and services also.

Canadian Unicycle Store (The Canadian store for - A great online site for finding your unicycle needs right here in Calgary, Canada. Avoid expensive shipping duty while enjoying a huge selection of online products!

Other Area Unicycle Stores

Bentley Cycle (& Trading Post) - This shop is very cool and unicycle centric. It is located in right on main street in Bentley in central Alberta. I've tried many of there unis and they are very knowledgable and fun staff to deal with (they all ride unicycles of course). Lots of models to choose, from entry level to the best of the best downhill and trials monsters. Lots of other crazy related unis like ultimate wheels (REALLY NICE), cokers, fat tire, 40" penny farthing, etc. There number is (403) 748-3176

Other Canadian Unicycle Clubs

The Edmonton Unicycle Club - - A new unicycling club has stated in Edmonton for learning unicycling, trials and some offroad Muni.

The Toronto Unicyclists - Another great Canadian Club site in the Toronto area. Lots of additional info and pictures.

Association de Monocycle de Quebec - Unicycling association in Quebec

The Vancouver Unicycle Club - New club just started in Vancouver

Kidtown - Kidztown is a group teaching children and families the truths of the Bible in a way they can understand and enjoy! They use unicycling, puppets and juggling to help minister to other youth.


Unicycle Information Sites

Muniac Manor - A great MUni site with tons of design, tips, techniques and video clips.

Unicyclist Community - A huge site with a massive amount of links, pictures, reviews and everything related to unicycling.

Unicycle Source - The online site for ordering and finding information on unicycles, parts and accessories.

The Unicycling Home Page - A great resource site with tons of information about learning to ride, skill levels, games, fun things to do and various other unicycle information

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