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Trail difficulity as far as unicycling goes:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert

    Powderface - Ridge - Expert

    Powderface - Prarie View - Advanced

    Fish Creek park - Beginner - Advanced (mostly intermediate)

    1. 37th Street West at the single lane bridge over the creek.
    2. The picnic area at the south end of 24th Steet West, just keep going straight south and it takes you down to a parking lot right in the park. It is an excelling starting location as trails go in every direction from it and it is a huge area.
    3. The very south end of elbow drive goes to a parking lot right in the park as well.
    4. Anywhere along the banks just east of Acadia Drive and Canyon Meadows in the Parkland area. The roads winds along the top of the fish creek valley and there are lots of great paths in the valley.

    Edworthy Park - Intermediate

    Sunnyside - Intermediate (some Advanced)

    Memorial Drive - Beginner

    Tuscanny - Intermediate

    Silver Springs - Intermediate - Advanced

    Sandy Beach - Beginner

    The Millenium Skatepark - Beginner - Expert

    Downtown Calgary - Beginner - Expert

    C.O.P. - Canada Olympic Park - Intermediate - Advanced

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