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I think every avid Mountain Unicyclist has been asked a thousand times, "Can you actually ride that thing?"
And then they don't believe you when you tell them that you ride it offroad on the toughest trails you can find.
Oh well, here's the proof of some Mountain Unicycling

OK there is a lot of variety here. Some new stuff, some very old. If you're interested, you can check out "Unipsycho Extreme" DVD that was produced by Ethereal 3D (Mike King) here with the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos. Many of these new clips are just from a photo camera so the quality is not where near as good as the full digital video done for the DVD!

Posted a few new videos from some riding over the past 6 months. I'll try to get more up on these google pages as I make them. Drop a note in the forum if you any problems viewing these.

You can see the main page at:

Here are the direct videos:
Posted a few new videos from some riding over the past 6 months - 2006
Gap MVI_7091_final.avi

A massive gap out on Powderface / Prairie Link Crossing

This is by far my favorite ride anywhere, especially when that long downhill run has tons of ruts, and runoff water and mud in it. There are usually some great valleys and terrain to challenge. Its almost too bad they are working on the trail to minimize the errosion. That's the part I like!!

Unispin MVI_7092.avi

Jerry kinda underestimated the water level and the drop a little. I'm glad I had the camera running as I thought he'd come look first before dropping in!!

Click on these images to check out each those videos as well...

Unispin UnispinUnispin

A couple of new clips from Aaron - added April 2003
Aaron-Gap  2.21 MB

A massive forward gap Aaron pulled off

Aaron-UniSpin  2.22 MB

A sweet uni-spin and an attempt at a crank grind

Recent Clips - 2002
SeatOutCrankClimb.mpg 1311 KB

A large crank climb to demonstrate the seat out in front climbing method.

From summer of 2000 and prior - Some old clips of learning trials on a unicycle
Crankhangs.mpg  1305 KB

A couple of examples of some small crank hangs.

OverStump&Rock.mpg  1458 KB

Several Hops over a couple of stumps and a Rock.

UpStairs.mpg  1319 KB

Bunny hop over a pretty big log.

DownStairs.mpg  1319 KB

Side Hopping down a set of stairs.

Logjump.mpg  487 KB

Bunny hop over a pretty big log.

Up3Rocks.mpg  1469 KB

Climbing some convient rock steps

StreamHop.mpg  1208 KB

Jumping into and out of a small rocky creek

Idle_On_Stump.mpg  1609 KB

Idling on top of a small stump,
and dropping off the the ground

1Foot_Idling.mpg  3785 KB

Some 1 foot riding and then some 1 foot idling

Small_Drops_Off_Rocks.mpg  1496 KB

Just some riding along the rocks and over the end

Small_Drops_Off_Rocks2.mpg  826 KB

Some more rock hopping and riding

LongJump.mpg  2015 KB

Some long jumps over a ridge
Well, they are not that long.

WipeOuts.mpg  3291 KB

Here were some of our spills and wipeouts that we had while making the video.  Some of these were rather painful.  All in a days work though on one wheel.

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