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Unicycle: Custom 24" x 3"

Frame: Custom design and build
Tire: 24 x 3" Gazz
Hub: Suzue
: 170mm Straight Shaft Black Widows
: Alex 24" double wide rim

Rim: Alex 24" double wide rim
: Miyata with Roach seat cover/air seat
Seat Bracket: Custom cradle design + brake
Pedals: Primo tenderizer platforms
Brake: Underseat brake handle


Peter in our club has designed this excellent frame and is currently testing a prototype. It rides great and adds some awesome features like a custom designed seat mounting bracket, double layer air seach using Roach's seat cover, the seat shock and of course the brakes.

Its rides and feels just like the hunter but of course a lot softer with all the extra suspension. Riding through the rough has a whole new meaning as I have been able to stabily RIDE (not hop!) over logs and roots up to 4 inches high without getting launched out of the saddle even if you are completely sitting down. This thing is super fun to ride especially in the rough and on wicket downhills. The brake is great for the steeps and acts quite smooth. It is mounted up very high under the seat handle so is easier to operate while holding the seat at the same time.

The seat is a great piece of work as well. Typically, the Miyata seat has a post dead center that rams pressure through the seat frame up to the rider when bumps are hit. This design uses a custom frame to cradle the seat in place and only attaches at the ends of the seat where the bumpers and handles are. This actually strengthens the seat a lot (you can remove the metal sheet in the Miyata seat) and it makes it so the whole seat is sturdier as far as bending goes and a lot softer since it can bend a bit in its cradle. The handle for hopping is also attached right onto the seat with the cradle frame so it no longer bends the entire seat up when you yank on it to huck something huge.

Anyway, we'll get more information about this custom design once Peter is finished with his prototypes and hopefully he will have a something that people can buy once he is satisfied with things and some of you want an awesome unicycle for a very affordable price when compared to what else is out there!

Additional Photos
The super narrow profile of this design makes for a very straight line riding muni. Considering the Gazz is somewhat of a "wandering" tread, this thing rides very straight because of the narrow Suzue hub, narrow frame using thin duel tubing, and the straight flat side cranks.
Miyata Seat with Roach double thick air seat cover and brake lever.
Here you can see the custom bracket that is used to both strengthen and cradle the seat for extra cushioning and for securing the front hop handle to the seat frame itself instead of flexing the seat.
Double wall crown for expreme strength. Flat top is great for foot placement.
Bearing housings, and Suzue hub.
Side shot showing the brake and cabling.


Unicycle: Hunter 24" x 3"

Frame: Hunter
Tire: 24 x 3" Gazz
Hub: Profile

Cranks: 170mm Profile
Seat: Miyata with Roach seat cover/air seat
Pedals: Primo tenderizer platforms


This wheel is about 1 year old here, and ridden a LOT!!!

As far as a review goes. You definitley get what you pay for with one of these beasts because it has taken tons of abuse and punishment with really no problems whatsoever. The only weak part has been the seat, the Miyata has a thin metal (or should I say tin) sheet that is there to give some extra support I guess. I broke this after 2 months of riding and replaced it with 1/8" steel and have since cranked and replaced that one twice as well. I'll soon have something stronger though... Since it is still the original seat, it has actually held up sorprisingly well for plastic even though it is now quite weak and flimsy.

Overall, the profile hub and cranks are unbeatable! (They never come loose, seem super strong and have take tons of drops over and over perfectly. The fat tire is awesome for off-roading and trials, the sun rim is still perfectly true, the frame is still rock solid and pedals are huge platform (and pinned) pedals so really keep your feet in place. Overall, a top of the line muni.

Additional Photos
This shows the tire clearance, worn out Gazz and the added hose clamps for putting your foot onto.
The Primo platform pedals and profile crank starting to show lots of wear.
The Split frame tubing makes a more rock solid frame eliminating any twisting action.
The bottom bracket, bearing housing, profile crank and hub. You can see the wear on the crank from always learning crank climbs on cement.
The Miyata seat and Roach seat cover. The Roach cover is the old design and not nearly as thick as the new ones which allow you to have a double layer of air cushion.


Unicycle: Miyata 24" x 1.75"

Frame: Miyata Deluxe
Tire: 24 x 1.75"
Hub: Suzue

Cranks: 5.5" Miyata Standard
Seat: none
Pedals: Miyata Standard


I rode this Miyata for everything for about 3 years. I am quite surprised how will it lastest. I went through several sets of cranks on it, but the hub, axel, rim and even the pedals are all in perfect shape still. I have had to re-true the wheel a couple of times but it was minor enough that it probably didn't weaken it.

This unicycle is typically used for basic travelling and it is excellent for freestyle tricks and very light. It is super easy to control and rides perfectly straight since it is quite narrow. I rode this for several years as my muni believe it or not and I started getting into trials using it as well. Now I only use it for practising new freestyle moves and of course for unicycle hockey!

Additional Photos
One problem with Miyatas are the non-standard seat posts. This uses a copper shim to fit the even narrower seatpost.


Unicycle: Miyata 20" x 1.75"

Frame: Miyata Deluxe
Tire: 20 x 1.75"
Hub: Suzue

Cranks: 5" Miyata Standard
Seat: Viscount base with Semcycle cover converted to an air seat.
Pedals: Miyata Standard


Unicycle: Semcycle 26" x 1.75"

Frame: Semcycle Deluxe
Tire: 26 x 1.75"
Hub: Semcycle Deluxe

Cranks: 5" Semcycle Standard
Seat: none
Pedals: Miyata Standard


Well this is my commuter until I can get a gear hub to make a real speed demon. I think I would break a Coker much too fast since I can't resist hoping over obstacles and my ride to work is all offroad (fairly easy though). Anyway, the larger wheel and short cranks make this thing quite fast.

I have used this semcycle for lots of off-road trail riding as well if things are fairly flat and I want to still cover lots of distance. Its a very strong setup and very comfortable to ride for long distances. There are tons of new semcycles available now as well for off-roading with bigger frames for fat tires.

Additional Photos
This just shows the super tough bearing holders of the semcycle and the strong hub.
The semcycle has a split frame design which simply clamps together with a single bolt through the frame and seat post. The hole frame will flex a lot because of this, which is more confortable for longer rides and mild off-roading but unfortunately, it twists enough to make the tire rub. You can be semcycle frames now that have more clearance and fit a 3" tire!


Unicycle: 20" Ultimate Wheel

Frame: none
Tire: 20 x 1.75"
Hub: 3/4" plywood

Cranks: 2 left bike cranks
Seat: none
Pedals: 2 left bike pedals


I just had to try an ultimate wheel for myself so I ended up building this one to learn. It is simply a cut out sheet of plywood hammered inside the rim and screwed in place from the spoke holes. The cranks are bolted through the plywood and steel plates (for more strength) together back to back and pedals in them. It is probably heavier than it should be because of the steel plates but it is nice and narrow.

Supposedly it is easier to ride if it is narrower but I have yet to master it. I have done about 50' on it a few times but that was quite random with good scrapes shins and calfs afterwards! I learn it for good on of these days and then I'll have to build a bigger, lighter one.

Additional Photos
Top view to show the narrow profile. This is also the view you see when you throw it out in front of you, and try to run after it and jump mount on it. I sure don't do that but I have seen it done!

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